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About Us

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We Make Comfortable Seating Happen.

Avina Seating and Custom Furniture in Jackson Township, New Jersey, was founded in 2018, with an aim to become the leading furniture manufacturer's to provide its customers with the world's most fancy, comfortable, and creative seating and furniture range.


To bring the best price to our customers, we take pride in collaborating/showcasing the best furniture manufacturers from all over the country. Our partners are the industry's most respected companies, well-known for expert craftsmanship and high-quality.

We understand the pain of the people who waste all day visiting various furniture retail stores and seating factory outlets in the city, and so Avina take cares of your seating and custom furniture needs and has brought all under one roof, from shul chairs and custom furniture to banquet and restaurant seating, we do it all.


The creation that fits your imagination.

Avina Seating And Custom Furniture is committed to delivering its customers a product that meets their style and comfort needs. Avina Seating Company  is on a mission to modify the existing in-line style to set new industry trends with a touch of innovation. We also customize the furniture according to your needs and give you the product you can be proud of. Moreover, we also import custom made furniture from Mississauga, Ontario. Our products are manufactured to the utmost standards of upholstery, construction, and creativity that finishes off with materials that exceed industry standards.

Our goal is to give you a real-extraordinary experience with our services and outstanding customer service. We genuinely believe in the slogan "the customer is always right" and tell them "yes we can" until we find a way to make it possible.

Make Avina Seating and Custom Furniture go-to shopping destination for customized furniture, wood chairs, fully upholstered lounge chairs, portable seating for synagogues, and modern seating for banquets. We have high-quality chairs at effective prices for any budget, as we have stocked unlimited styles of chairs in Chicago and Harrison, New Jersey.

Say Goodbye to Discomfort.

Avina Seating and Custom Furniture have been designing and manufacturing the most durable and stylish furniture in the business. Say goodbye to discomfort with our wide variety of furniture styles and experience whole another level of comfort.

Here at Avina seating manufacturers, we create an unmatched value while providing best of class products and service.

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