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Buying hospitality furniture long distance

sample delta banquet chair sitting in my office

Buying hospitality furniture long distance

Our chairs sell themselves. That’s why if a potential customer calls me up about chairs the first thing I do offer to bring a couple sample hospitality chairs to their office. I still recall once I went to a hospital in New York to show them an aluminum wood grain chair for a dining room they were working on. Everyone was blown away . I remember nurses knocking on the aluminum and saying “no way you can tell me this is not wood”

But what do I do when a hotel is looking for chairs or custom furniture and they are outside the New York New Jersey area . Can you sell hotel furniture without showing someone an actual piece of furniture. The answer is yes. When a hotelier is looking for chairs or if we get a call from a wedding hall looking for chairs we ask them how many pieces they would potentially be looking at. If it is a large furniture project we would send out a sample banquet chair. Before we would send out a sample hotel chair we would always ask them to pick out the fabrics first . When a hotel is just looking to replace a couple chairs or what if a ballroom is looking to replace just a couple of chairs and what if that ballroom is hundreds of miles away from me. Shipping one hotel chair when the hotel would only be buying ten really makes no sense. There are still other options. We have finish rings that have all the diffrent colors of metals and aluminum for all our chairs. Additionaly most fabric companies are happy to send out sample swatchs. so before you think that buying hotel or shul furniture from a hotel furniture company that is on the other end of the country think again.

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