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How to choose out the perfect fabric for chairs in a hotel

The design touches in a hotel are what elevates its atmosphere, and can take it from average to amazing. Elegant, beautiful design can transform the star rating of a hotel, and make all the difference in selling the hotel in photos for future bookings.

This is especially true when it comes to custom furniture for hotels: The designs you choose for essential furniture like your chairs are what creates beautiful interior design which is often the deciding factor in whether someone chooses your establishment to host their big event.

Here’s what to consider when choosing the perfect fabric for your hotel chairs…

Consider where the chairs will be used

Purpose is key when it comes to decorating a space like a ballroom or hotel. What is the intended use of the room the chairs are being placed in, and how long do you need the lifespan of the chair to be? Should the chairs be firm or soft, and what decorative style is the room? Something else to consider is a fabric design which will adapt to different rooms - a neutral colour or plain fabric can better adapt to different room decor if you renovate your premises. For rooms like restaurants, ballrooms and conference rooms, it’s also important to select a fire-resistant and water-resistant fabric.

Natural vs. artificial fibres

Natural fibres, like wool, cotton and linen have been used for centuries, and as such, can create a luxury, classic feel - especially if you are reupholstering an older or antique piece of furniture. However, they can also stain easily - so if you are looking to use the chairs in a restaurant, for example, where there is a high risk of them being stained, these might not be the best choice.

Upholstery made from artificial fibres, like viscose, modal and acetate, or synthetic fibres like microfiber are a great option for ballroom chairs because they are soft to the touch, supple, as well as being strong and durable.

Your ballroom seating can affect the bottom dollar

Ballroom decor is where investing in high quality custom furniture can really pay back dividends. If your chairs emanate quality, this can be one of the deciding factors in people choosing to book your venue for their wedding or big event - and these upscale design details are what can allow you to price your ballroom hire at a much higher booking rate. For ballrooms, extra care should be taken to select occasion-ready banquet hall chairs with premium fabrics - fabric upholstery, like high quality cotton, polyester, wool, and nylon, are all options which have the comfort and sophistication of soft fabrics, as well as a durability that will help them resist any tears and last for commercial use. In a commercial environment, durability is key. These chairs will seat thousands of guests over their time - and you want them to last to get maximum value from them.

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